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Alternate Input Device

Basic Piano -
Bongos -
Advanced Piano - 
Piano Synthesizer - Piano Keyboard with chords, instruments, etc.

Video Games
Try any website that requires a basic controller (right, left, up, down)
Pac-Man - 

Raspberry Pi
Mini-computer designed to learn programing and more!

FAQs - 
Project Ideas - 


3D Printing

Design & print 3D objects. 

3D Design Software
3D Builder (Design app on most Windows 10 machines)  - Basic Directions
Tinkercad (Home use only with parent permission required)
Sketchup - Freeware taught in Tech Ed classes, but files not native for printing.

Thingiverse (3D Print Files Site) 

Thingiverse Education 

3D Print File Search Engines



Program a circuit board to create a host of projects.

Project Ideas - 
How to Book - G:\Media Center\MakerSpace\Arduino\ArduinoWorkshop Book.pdf
(only available in school either in print or as an ebook.)

More Resources

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