Student Spotlight
Each issue, we will feature the extraordinary talent displayed by Northeast students.  Please forward us your artwork, photography, stories, music, or any other special talents that you possess.  Submit your work to Ms. Payne in Room C290.  Northeast would love to brag about our amazing students!

This issue we feature Olivia Kostick, an active member of ROTC, as well as the Northeast Drama Club, performing this year in Grease.  Below is an example of Olivia's writing and performance talent below.  She wrote this monologue as an audition piece for NHS Got Talent!  Enjoy! 

Fate is a Gamble
I can change your very path
With just a roll of the dice.
And though I may lose once or twice
It’s you instead who pays the price.
How ‘bout a life boring and dull,
a life that’s just no fun at all?
What about a life of musical gift
a life without sight of each rift?
With each little roll you’re clinging to fate
You pray to God but I fear it’s too late.
For round and round you’ll go
Playing my game with each little roll.
Snake eyes, oh well, I cut your string
One snip-snip I end everything.
Maybe next game your life will be rich
And if I play right you’ll get your wish.
So don’t be sad your life’s at an end
You’ll simply play again!
Oh how funny this is!
Oh how funny this is!

By: Olivia Kostick